Sprayed Insulation

With over 40 years experience, the company RUAUD INDUSTRIES® is recognized as the specialist in the manufacture of insulation spray.


Our product range PROTEC®, meets all the requirements in terms of thermal insulation, passive protection against fire and room correction.
The speed and ease of implementation are PROTEC® products essential assets in the field of insulation for the construction or renovation works.

The quality of our products PROTEC® is validated and tested by accredited laboratories CSTB, LNE and Efectis according to new European standards European Technical Assessment ETE ­ 11/0495 (CE marking).
We act in the spirit of respect for the environment and all our products are of low biopersistence since 2000 of spray insulation.

The producers of our basic raw material achieved fundamental progress in improving the safety of rock wools at the end of the 1990s. We have chosen to use only mineral binders, which produce no emanations during the service life of the product (Directive 97/69 CE).

Our sprayed insulating materials can be used to achieve compliance with the regulations in force concerning energy savings (RT 2012) and passive fire protection (Fire safety regulations and fire safety construction rules). They also have remarkable acoustic correction properties.

Our products can be applied on many different substrates: concrete floors and structures, light beam and slab floors, composite slabs with structural trays, wooden floors, steel structures, etc. The placement technique makes it possible to treat hard-to-reach places, structures that are not flat, and surfaces of which the relief is deep or complex. The surfacing matches the contour of the substrate, creating an unbroken insulating jacket without thermal bridges.

The properties of our insulating materials are useful in many settings: multiple dwellings, parking garages, arcades, soffits of balconies, auditoriums, recording studios, discotheques, multipurpose halls, sports halls, swimming pools, exhibition rooms, media libraries, hospitals, schools, dining halls, stations, hotels, shopping malls, stores, shops, office buildings, high-rise buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings.

We have subjected our products to testing by CSTB - and CEBTP-approved laboratories under the new European standards (CE label), with as result the validation of new test results for acoustic correction, thermal insulation, and passive fire protection on many substrates.

Our sales team and engineers, attentive to your needs, take pride in their ability to devise an appropriate solution to any spray-on insulation problem in a very short time.

RUAUD INDUSTRIES developed a whole range of products adapted to each use and are approved by
European Technical Assessment ETA ­ 11/0495
EC Certificate of conformity 0679-CPR-0747
Certified thermal conductivity 0,039 W/(m.K)
Licence n° 12/146/766 ACERMI

Products are marketed under the "PROTEC®" trademark.

Quality control is permanent and placed under the supervision of an exterior official inspection ETA-11/0495
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